Public Sector Electrical Project

Projects Public Sector Facility - Amey

Working as a sub-contracted organisation to the Amey Group, one of the most diverse companies in the public and regulated sectors, we were contracted to install electrical protection equipment to the Area 9 motorway depot. This crucial hub serves more than 1,500 kilometres of strategic road network across the Midlands.

Our three-week project included:

  • Review of electrical requirements
  • Installation of type 1, 2 and 3 surge protection to all vulnerable equipment


As a large, public-sector organisation, our end client followed an extremely strict set of site rules and reporting procedures. Because of this there was concern that the project was not deliverable could not be deliver

Our experience and working procedures allowed us to easily accommodate them without issue.

The project also required the isolation of numerous power supplies in order to fit the surge protection equipment. This had to be very carefully scheduled and performed absolutely on plan in order to minimise any disruption for this crucial facility.


We worked very closely with the end client to give best practice guidance throughout and as a result were able to finish the project four days ahead of schedule. Our work on this complex public sector electrical assignment required hardly any management input from the lead contractor. This is a typical outcome of our methodological approach and it allowed them to focus time and resource onto their other pressing tasks.